About Me

Thank you for being here!

I'm Ross Taylor, the dyer and owner of Twisted Ambitions Yarn. I'm also a passionate knitter and knitwear designer. My fiber journey began in 2008, right after I graduated high school.

The story starts on my uncle’s ranch. I was riding four-wheelers with a good friend, and, being the daredevil I was, I raced down a gravel road that turned sharply at the bottom of a hill. I was going too fast, lost control, and crashed into a wooded area. In the process, I lost my favorite beanie. Determined to replace it, I remembered a friend from high school who had learned to crochet. Inspired, I headed to Walmart the next day to pick out yarn and bought crochet hooks from a local craft store. After watching a few YouTube tutorials, I had my new beanie by the next day.

About a year later, I was back at the craft store, this time purchasing knitting needles and more yarn. I was hooked and have been knitting ever since.

My yarn dyeing journey began in 2016, shortly after meeting my husband. He often remarked, "You have so much yarn; you should learn to dye it yourself." Intrigued, I explored Instagram and discovered a whole community of yarn dyers. I ordered the necessary supplies and have been "dyeing to knit" ever since! Over the past six years, I've grown to love the art of hand dyeing and have developed an even deeper appreciation for color.

Most of my inspiration comes from the colors that appear when I close my eyes. I've always been a colorful person, and it feels natural to play with color all day. Some of my colorway names are inspired by music, movies, TV shows, and nature.

At Twisted Ambitions Yarn, I aim to inspire all fiber artists with my story and continue providing the highest quality yarns to help you enhance your stash.